The Difference Between a Cobbler & a Crisp

This past July, my awesome husband decided to find a local peach farm.  He was very tired of the grocery store peaches that tasted like fibrous cardboard, even during peach season.  We live in Charlotte, NC about 45 minutes away from SC, one of the biggest peach producing states in the country and our Costco sells peaches from NJ.  [blank stare]

We found a cute little peach stand just over the border into SC, Springs Farm.  Great directions are on the website.  I must say that these peaches were some of the best I've ever tasted and we will be making this an annual family outing from now on!  We even took some to Chicago when visiting family, just to share our Carolina 'sunshine'.

So, all these peaches and what to do with them?  My entire family would have been fine with eating a peach every other hour or so, but we wanted to preserve some of that joy for the coming months.  So, I made peach jam~  Recipe will follow in a future post.  You will definitely want to check back because it's *amazing*

We also wanted to try some in a Peach Cobbler so I googled 'Peach Cobbler'.  I was just a little confused because, growing up, my grandmothers made cobbler all the time and I knew exactly the kind of recipe I was looking for.  My favorite part of the cobbler wasn't the fruit so much as the moist, mushy dough covered with fruit goo inside the cobbler and the golden, flaky crust on top.  This was what I imagined when I began my recipe search.  Most of the results that came back were for what I call a crisp: no dough, just a mix of flour and butter, crisped on top of the baked fruit.  (By the way, I have a recipe for an apple crisp that is also *amazing* and will post later as well!)

And the sugar content-WOW!  Our peaches were already naturally sweet and I wanted to preserve that taste, not add 3 cups of sugar to the mix.  So I basically used biscuit dough to capture my idea of the Perfect Cobbler and it worked!  Here's my dough recipe.  I used white wheat flour instead of regular flour and mixed honey in with the peaches instead of sugar.  Don't forget to add little drops of dough into the peach mix before you put the top crust on!

~Here's to Peach Season 2013~

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