I know... what the heck is jewelry-sitting?  Well, my sweet, little friend Guitta makes lovely, large and colorful jewelry, the exact opposite of what I make.  Originally from Lebanon, she returns there for half of every year to visit with her elderly parents.  She and I were "neighbors" at The Boulevard in NoDa and then again at The Boulevard at Southend.  She just left and now, I'm jewelry-sitting!  We jewelry makers have to stick together because it's a very competitive vocation. 

Guitta's using a shelf in my space at The Boulevard, but she gave me some extra pieces to restock.  So, I brought them home and promptly took everything out and tried it on!  She has such a great eye for combining colors and different types of beads.  I wanted to share some of her pieces with you~ 

$ 48, 18 inches

$ 20, 18 inches

$ 29, 18 inches (My favorite!)

Wear long or doubled, $ 32, 32 inches

$ 48, 18 inches

$ 24, 18 inches (another favorite)

$ 25, 18 inches ; matching earrings $ 3

$ 26 each, rectangle pendant is on 20 inch chain and square is on 18 inch chain

$ 46, 18 inches

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