Earring Inventory Rack

Just finished this rack for keeping track of my earrings inventory.  Very easy, especially if you can sweet talk your husband into building the frame for you AND drilling all the holes!
2-1 X 3 pine boards
1-1 X 2 pine boards
1-roll (50 ft) of electrical wire, 14 stranded THHN

Cut all of the pine boards in half.  Use the 3 X 1 halved pine boards to build a simple square frame.  Trim the halved 1 X 2 to fit inside the frame to reinforce the square that you created and screw these to the inside of the frame.

Drill holes all down the sides at whatever distance apart you need for whatever you want to hang here.  We drilled the first hole at 3/4", then at 2-3/4" all the way down.

String the electrical wire through the entire rack and secure each end, one at the top and one at the bottom very tightly.  I stuck a nail in the hole with the wire, wrapped the wire around the nail and tied a simple knot at the end.  It took about an hour to make the whole thing!

The task that took the longest was creating little tags for each design and hanging those!

The overall size is completely customizable so this little project is a great way to use up left-over wood.

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