Jubilee Collection by Cloverleaf Jewelry 

The pieces in the Jubilee Collection are made from combinations of semi-precious gemstones and are available in sterling silver or 14K gold-fill. Included is a necklace that features as many as seven different gemstones.


Artisan Jewelry Designer, Tammy Morris of Cloverleaf Handcrafted Jewelry is releasing the brand-new Jubilee Collection, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. The Jubilee Collection will be released on June 8, 2018.

Cloverleaf Handcrafted Jewelry is known for creating simple yet beautiful jewelry which women throughout the country have been wearing since 2008.

While continuing to design jewelry for everyday wear, Tammy added the Jubilee Collection to her signature line to celebrate the colors of summer with two color themes. The collection is scheduled to go live on June 8, 2018.


The collection will be exclusively sold on the website cloverleafjewelry.com, where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.


The jewelry in the Jubilee Collection is designed to showcase the natural colors of the summer season. The pieces are available in either sterling silver mixed with cooler colors or 14K gold-fill mixed with a warmer color theme, both capitalizing on today’s trends.


Most of the pieces are adorned with numerous different gemstones, which mean women will be able to wear the jewelry with several different outfits, perfect for summer travel.


Her collection also includes designs made solely of precious metals, keeping her long-time fans happy.


A few examples are: 

•   Jubilee Earrings with Gemstones in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill

•   Jubilee Necklace with Gemstones in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill

•   Avalon Necklace with Small Gemstones in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill

•   Scepter Earrings with Gemstones in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill


The Jubilee Collection ranges in price from $32 to $89.


Tammy is excited to welcome her fans to the new handmade collection they’ve been requesting.

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