My Favorite Recipe App

Just wanted to begin by sharing one of my most favorite apps on my Kindle Fire: Pepper Plate at
 This is a recipe app that you access through your computer.  It has a neat little widget that you can download to your browser so when you find recipes you want to keep, simply click "add to pepperplate" on your favorites or bookmarks bar, the widget appears, if it's one of the well-known recipe sites (ie,,) you'll see "added to pepperplate" and that's it!  I take my Fire into the kitchen, pull up the recipe and get to cookin'.

If, however, you've found a recipe you want to add that's on a blog or regular webpage, you can quickly copy/paste into the widget and drap and drop the photo.

A few months ago, we started trying to eat less processed foods, a lifestyle known as clean eating, and this app has helped me immensely in the kitchen because I don't have to print the recipe or put my laptop on my already miniscule counter.  Get more information about clean eating here:

I look forward to sharing the recipes I've found and some tips and tricks that I've figured out with this blog.  I'll be posting on facebook ( and pinterest ( so maybe I'll see you around!

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