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Some of my first recipes

I LOVE recipes! I've been collecting them since I was in high school. The first recipe I ever wrote out on my little recipe cards was for Raw Apple Cake. I'm still making that cake!

Also being a techy kinda girl, I began saving my recipes in an Access Database, that I taught myself how to use, and created a small recipe book to give to my friends and family one year. I find that it can be kind of daunting to love recipes and still have to come up with dinner for my family that 1) includes two picky eaters, 2) is healthy and my newest concern: 3) contains as few processed ingredients as possible.

I've introduced you to Pepper Plate here but also wanted to share my meal plan that I've been changing and adapting over the last few years. It started out like most meal plans that have the actual recipe on each day of the week, but that felt both intimidating and limiting. This meal plan has "suggestions" with a list of meal ideas below. Follow the link for a PDF of the plan:


Enjoy and check back for some of the recipes that are suggested on the meal plan.

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