Oven Omelettes

Every Friday night is breakfast night at our house.  My family of three guys really look forward to it now that it's an established routine.  I would enjoy it too, if I didn't have to become a short-order cook every time we have anything with eggs.  We're part of an egg co-op and get a LOT of eggs so most Breakfast Nights, we have eggs.  Ergo, most Friday nights, I am a short-order cook.

One week, my kids asked for omelettes and I said yes, as I inwardly groaned.  As I was preparing to stand over a hot pan for the next 30 minutes, I had an idea: why not bake them in the oven.  Of course, there are expectations for the appearance of omelettes so dragging out my trusty parchment paper, I 'crafted' a method to make semi-circles just as if I was working at a diner.

After you've made up your 'omelette batter' with eggs and milk, grab a large round pan.  The one I use is a stoneware baker and has a diameter of about 12 inches.  Tear off a piece of parchment paper about three or four inches longer that the pan.  Fold it in half, then settle it in the baking dish, making sure that the edges go up the side of the pan. 

You should have a high ridge through the middle of your pan.  This acts as a separator for your eggs, also creating a lovely semi-circle shaped omelette.

I actually pour the egg mixture into each side, then add each person's preferred ingredients, gently mixing them.  Figure out what works best for you but I figure the less dishes to clean, the better!

You shouldn't need any oil or butter; the omelette comes right off the paper.  Bake these at 350° for about 12-15 minutes, they don't take long at all.  I also tried doing this with aluminum foil and it just doesn't work.  The omelettes stick and fall to pieces when you try to get them out.  I don't like to cook with aluminum foil anyway.

I bake all four omelettes at once, with everyone's order and I don't have to slave over a large frying pan.  I guess there's also something to be said about the lower calories and all, but that just means I can add more cheese to mine.
  1. Hi, Tammy! I found you on the Embracing Friends blog hop. Your omelet looks so yummy! You now have a new fan on FB.

  2. Tammy, this is a fantastic idea! My family loves omelets, too, but by the time I've made theirs and then mine, I wind up eating alone. :( I'll definitely give this a try. If you haven't already, I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.


    1. Joined the Party! Thanks! And thanks for visiting here.


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