Easy Triple-Wrap Bracelet

Recently, I began making bracelets with suede lace.  You know, the stuff that we made necklaces with at camp by stringing plastic pony beads on and tying a knot in the back so that if you ever wanted to take it off, you had to cut it and then you were sad because you could never wear it again.  Yes, that stuff.

I had some prepared ends lying around and they kind of fell together and I pulled and Voila! this cute little knot happened!  I did some making and measuring and came up with the triple wrap "join" bracelet.

Here's how to make your own~

You don't need much to get started:
-At least 48" of suede lace, although this will depend on the size you want to make.
-Two ribbon crimps, 6-8mm wide.
-Two 3mm jump rings.
-A toggle or lobster clasp, large-ish is better.

1) Choose two colors.

2) Measure your wrist.  Cut two lengths of suede lace using these measurements:
-6" wrist:: Cut two 20" pieces.
-6 1/2" wrist:: Cut two 22" pieces.
-7" wrist:: Cut two 24" pieces.

 3) Make sure that each piece is straight and not twisted before you add the crimps.  Do this by doubling the piece and laying it on a flat surface.

4) Hold the ends of one piece together and add a very, very small bit of glue to the tips of the suede.  Center the crimp to make sure that the suede ends are not hanging out of either side, then close the crimp.  I use jewelry pliers to do this so they don't scratch the crimp.  If you're digging these bracelets, you might want to buy a pair because they're specially made not to scratch metal.  Repeat for the other length of suede.

5)  Lay the pieces out, one over the other lengthwise:

Grab the right (brown) end, pulling it over the blue loop and the left (blue) end, pulling it under the brown loop.
Carefully pull the ends away from the center, making sure the suede doesn't twist.

Pull the ends until your center join is tight.

6) Add your toggle or lobster clasp using the jump rings.  To properly open and close jump rings, don't open the circle up.  Swing the ends away from each other like a gate; close the same way.

I lay the joint on the top of my wrist and loop each end around, then clasp.
See!  Not so hard!  Hope you enjoy making these.  You have my permission to make as many as you want to sell for fundraisers or give as gifts.   Go crazy!

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