Fun Earrings by Melki Way

So, I'm Jewelry-Sitting for my friend Guitta and we moved out of a store that we both rented space in at the end of December.  Now, I've got this stand of all her cute, very non-Tammy's style earrings sitting in front of me and every time I sit down to work I see them and start thinking those would look good with...and, yes, I snagged a pair.  Leaving the comfort-zone, stepping outside of the box...

Today, I have tendonitis in my right arm and it hurts so badly that I can barely think and certainly not make jewelry so I thought I would share Guitta's very cute (and reasonably-priced) earrings with you before I start wearing all of them!  I think there's a pair to match almost every T-Shirt I have...

Click a photo for a better view and more info~


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