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Make Your Own Mixes

Chances are, if you have a really good idea, someone else (or several someone elses) has had that same idea too.  Probably, they even did it better than you.  A few months ago, in our clean-eating endeavor, I began bagging my own muffin mixes using this recipe.  It's worked out really well and I plan to do more bagged mixes in the...
BUT STOP!   Guess what I found?  Someone has already done all of the work for me!  I just found Fake It Frugal, lots of DIY mixes and cleaning products, very excited!

Some experiential advice:  In my process of switching over to clean eating, I always use the exact ingredients listed and follow the directions given in any new recipe.  This way I'm able to figure out where I can make changes that work (use less sugar) AND avoid those that don't (use at least some sugar).

Take my muffin mix for example: I've learned that if you only use baking powder in your recipes, your baked goods have a slight bitter flavor.  I began wondering if that&…

Cleaning up my eatin'

My family has always been kind of 50/50 with the healthy vs. junk food thing.  Although, I have to also say that McDonald's is (was?) one of my favorite places to eat and the Big Mac my favorite thing to eat there.  I've raised my boys, who are now 16 & 11, to love fast food too.  However, dinnertime at our house was, in the past, "okay."

Around August of 2011, I started having weird breathing issues.  I started going to see doctors and received a new diagnosis and a few new prescriptions at each visit!  There was a point where I would leave with drugs for my physical symptoms and drugs for anxiety.  One visit was to a pulmonologist (lung dr.) who told me I had acid reflux which began a series of acid reflux meds beginning with omeprazole all the way to Dexilant.  I eventually ended up in the E/R at 3AM one morning with excruciating stomach pain.  But I digress...

The very day that I saw the pulmonary doc, I cleaned up my eating habits and began eating lots of fr…

PIZZA NIGHT! Pizza Recipe

As promised to several friends, my PIZZA NIGHT pizza process:

First of all, you may be asking 'why?', when there are perfectly good frozen pizzas that you just pop in the oven or awesome papas who will bring a steaming, cheesy pie to your front door, would you want to make your own.  Over the past several months, I've decided (due to health reasons and because all my friends are doing it) to clean up what we eat, consuming as few processed foods as possible.  I started with a just few of our meals and PIZZA NIGHT pizza was one of them.

Here are the main ingredients that you need for the dough and sauce:
 yeast, flour (I use TJ's white wheat), olive oil, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and tomato paste.  You'll also need a little bit of sugar, salt, oregano and basil.  I found this dough recipe through a random internet search several years ago.  It's called Steve's Pizza Dough (link at bottom).  I don't know who Steve is, but I salute you, man!

Dissolve a …

Meal Planner

I LOVE recipes! I've been collecting them since I was in high school. The first recipe I ever wrote out on my little recipe cards was for Raw Apple Cake. I'm still making that cake!

Also being a techy kinda girl, I began saving my recipes in an Access Database, that I taught myself how to use, and created a small recipe book to give to my friends and family one year. I find that it can be kind of daunting to love recipes and still have to come up with dinner for my family that 1) includes two picky eaters, 2) is healthy and my newest concern: 3) contains as few processed ingredients as possible.

I've introduced you to Pepper Plate here but also wanted to share my meal plan that I've been changing and adapting over the last few years. It started out like most meal plans that have the actual recipe on each day of the week, but that felt both intimidating and limiting. This meal plan has "suggestions" with a list of meal ideas below. Follow the link for a…

My Favorite Recipe App

Just wanted to begin by sharing one of my most favorite apps on my Kindle Fire: Pepper Plate at
 This is a recipe app that you access through your computer.  It has a neat little widget that you can download to your browser so when you find recipes you want to keep, simply click "add to pepperplate" on your favorites or bookmarks bar, the widget appears, if it's one of the well-known recipe sites (ie,,) you'll see "added to pepperplate" and that's it!  I take my Fire into the kitchen, pull up the recipe and get to cookin'.

If, however, you've found a recipe you want to add that's on a blog or regular webpage, you can quickly copy/paste into the widget and drap and drop the photo.

A few months ago, we started trying to eat less processed foods, a lifestyle known as clean eating, and this app has helped me immensely in the kitchen because I don't have to print the recipe or put my laptop on my…